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Halloween Hell

Halloween Hell

I was totally “THAT” mama this morning! But you know what? I’m OK with that.


As all Mamas know, the Halloween season can get decently stressful. Now I am not talking Christmas stressful but there can be a fairly high level of stress when it comes to Halloween. Hell it isn’t even Halloween yet and I am already about to lose my shit. 


I Just Want To Fucking Miss You

There is a time of day, it usually comes in the early afternoon. This is a down time for me, I have already completed all of my tasks for the day and it is a little bit before I head out the door to start my daily Mama taxi routine.  This time of day I start to get all mushy inside and start to wonder what all my babies are doing. 
Mamas End Of Summer

Mamas End Of Summer

So many days I am ready to throw in the towel. I try and find the gray area for selling my kids on the black market (just joking for all you people who lack a sense of humor).

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